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snowday-2hey there! just wanted to post a lil something to let you know that i am alive + well! last years post were extremely sporadic + one of my new years resolutions was to be better at that + post more but as i got to thinking of what direction i wanted my lil blog to go in i got to rethinking about more than just my post…So i guess what i am saying is that this is more of an announcement letting you know that lots of changes are coming to this little corner of the internet! So please stick around, grab a coffee, enjoy a macaroon for me, + listen to the new James Vincent McMorrow album which is exactly what i’ve been doing a lot of during this whole process…

happy (very, very belated) new years!



monthly inspiration…

november insirationi’ve been feeling a little uninspired as of lately so i thought i would make a november inspiration board from images i’ve been loving on pinterest. i’m not sure if it has something to do with the fact that i am in no way ready for winter or the fact that i love autumn so much i can’t see it go just yet! do you ever get that way about a season? what has helped you prepare + get excited for this holiday season?? i’m a knitter so i am loving all the ivory, chunky knits i’ve been seeing. also, who knew i’d be into pastels so much?! as a child of the 80’s i never thought that would happen;) what has been inspiring you? feel free to share with me below in the comment section + let me know if you’re a fellow pinned!



autumn road trip 2013 // part 1


ok so needless to say it’s been a little while but lucky for you that means i only have a trillion photos to share with you! as you may know from our last post (…last month:/ oops) that we went on a little road trip to virginia + tennessee to attend a good friends wedding + to visit family. our first destination was charlottesville, va, which if you don’t know, is the cutest + most artistic town all of virginia has to offer! (or at least in my opinion) seriously we love it there! i highly suggest you take a weekend road trip to this quaint + charming college town where you can stay in one of the many historical hotels or bed + breakfast inns. we thought of doing the whole b+b thing but instead my brother-in-law had an even better idea. after a quick call to some acquaintances Taylor had made plans for all four of us to stay on a small family farm called river birch farm! i’ve probably already mentioned it a few times here on monday made but i’ll say it again: I’ve always wanted to live on a small farm! so without a pause i squealed + jumped for joy at this news… our stay on the farm with owners Chris + Judy was a complete dream. from mornings around their breakfast table served with delicious coffee + eggs from their own chickens to getting a tour + helping with the daily chores it was a memorable weekend… i hope you enjoy these photos + if anything they just encourage you to break away, leave the cell phone behind, + get back to mother nature because she is truly wonderful + always reminds us of our Father.

happy monday,


farm_life-6look at all the cute chickies!!




farm_life-8^ helping Chris feed the ladies ^




farm_life-15Judy’s brother had an amazing sled collection seen all over the farm



farm_life-18-1he’s still my favorite;)


farm_life-20support wildlife!!

farm_life-22      farm_life-21


farm_life-25signs of autumn…





farm_life-31seriously, is this real life?! does it get any cuter??

farm_life-37      farm_life-23


farm_life-33      farm_life-35


farm_life-36farmer jon:)



farm_life-40Brit’s turn!

farm_life-41      farm_life-53

farm_life-52now Jon’s!

farm_life-45      farm_life-44



farm_life-48she’s a beauty…


farm_life-51now Taylor’s turn!!

farm_life-49and then mine… dream. come. true!!





farm_life-56      farm_life-57


farm_life-59      farm_life-60


all photographs © mondaymade2013



hey we’re back! sorry for the radio silence over here we’ve been out of town + traveling. i guess i should have mentioned we were leaving before we left… this quote is probably one of my favorites i like to come back to from time to time to remind me to just slow down. so that is exactly what we did last week. we cherished time with old friends, good coffee, southern food, + mostly lived the simple life. i can’t wait to share more photos from our adventures throughout tennessee + virginia as well as our time staying on the farm! now it’s back to our daily routines while trying to get caught up… can’t we forever stay on vacay?

also the pup in the photo above is my new lil friend khumbu, named after the glacier region located near mount everest, who lives on the farm. expect to see many more photos of him! i was so tempted to sneak him home in my suitcase…

bonne nuit!


all photographs © mondaymade 2013

monday sounds // volume 2

mondaymade -- volume 2

• james vincent mcmorrow – sparrow + the wolf

• ben kyle – mercy

• city + colour – the golden state

• laura marling – ghosts

• local natives – ingrid

• horse feathers – fit against the country

• andrew belle – the ladder

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happy october 1st, friends!! thought i would celebrate my favorite month with a new mix tape… what are you most excited about this month? all i can think about are the misty, chill mornings, coffee, pumpkin everything, hikes, fall festivals, the sound of falling leaves + bonfires with loved ones ♥ seriously, what gets better than that?! sending lots of autumn love your way…

enjoy + let me know what you think!



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