nashville // part • 1


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road trip! there are little things in life i love more than traveling, photography, good food, awesome music + time spent with amazing friends. . . and on thursday i got to do all these things so needless to say i’m a pretty happy girl! with my birthday on tuesday + one of our favorite bands, the soil + the sun, playing only 2.5 hours away it just kinda worked out perfectly for us to make a quick visit to the musical capital. and to top it off our dear friends chris + leah who live in knoxville, tn jumped at the chance to join in on some shenanigans! jon + chris were some of the first people i met six years ago when my sister + i moved to virginia beach. three years after that i had the pleasure of meeting leah who as of this october is the newly mrs. conley + we couldn’t be happier for them! although we all have moved, have our own lives + have seasons of change there are few people i feel as connected to as these two. . .they continually speak love, faith, truth + grace into mine + jon’s lives. and for that we are always grateful!




20130325-194020.jpg   20130325-194407.jpg



IMG_9721  IMG_9723







if you are planning to visit the nashville area be sure to check out the barista parlor + burger up! i enjoyed some of the best coffee + veggie burger of my life at these joints. . . i highly recommend them!



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