//spring is here//


so this is probably the most belated birthday post ever |ok i’m a bit of an exaggerator| but i finally got it posted! it has been difficult to edit + post lately due to the fact that the only editing equipment i have to work with is a seven year old blackbook + an older version of lightroom. i’m not trying to complain but it is stressful when you just want to artistically express yourself, get the results you want + well just have fun for the love of photography when your screen goes black//computer shuts off every couple minutes due to a shot battery + a broken fan . . . sorry for venting but maybe someone out there can relate? or have a solution for me? trying to save every pretty penny for something new but in the mean time i’m working with what the good lord gave me! anyhow back to the post . . . it has rained on every birthday of mine i can remember until this one. for the first time i had snow + to enjoy these last fleeting flakes jon + i went on a lil adventure. |not that you can see the snow in any of these photos!| still being new to the louisville area + not knowing a lot of folk it was a simple day compared to some previous ones but all the same delightful! enjoy!











all photographs ©mondaymade2013


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