monday sounds // volume 1

mixed tape volume 1

• ben howard- diamond

• the milk carton kids- michigan

• the drums- forever and ever amen

• wye oak- civilian

• joshua james- queen of the city

• the gospel whiskey runners- hold on

• james vincent mcmorrow- we don’t eat

++ go listen on spotify ++

hey guys, thought i’d try a little something different than what i’ve been doing. mix things up with a good ole mixed tape! this is just a round up of what i’ve been listening to while editing over the last week. most of these tunes you’ll find to be chill but i threw in couple catchy beats in there that will be sure to put a little dance in your pants! maybe this will be a monthly thing? bi-weekly? who knows maybe i’ll go over board + it will become a weekly happening! the plan was to post this yesterday on a monday but my internet provider had other plans for me;) …so here it is a day late!

enjoy + let me know what you think!



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all photographs © mondaymade2013


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