life lately…according to my iphone

life_lately_1        life_lately_12

life_lately_8        life_lately_6

life_lately_3        life_lately_10

life_lately_2        life_lately_11

life_lately_9        life_lately_4

life_lately_7        life_lately_5

there have been so many travels + adventures lately i thought i’d share some of the many, probably too many, photos in my camera roll. all the sunsets + the sunrises, the food, the coffee, the ice cream, the letters, + the love … needless to say it has been a pretty great summer! i think all photographers can say their prized possession is probably their cameras but there is something to love about the quick snap of the iphone. not to mention we all know we always have it in our back pocket for easy access! it has been a strange season this past year with moving to a new city, the inching slowly towards the big 3-0, not to mention the typical stress of adulthood but scrolling through my camera roll it’s easy to see just how great life can be when you look at it as a whole!


if you wanna see more iphone photos you can check out my instagram here!


all photographs © mondaymade 2013


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