friday thoughts

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“a mistake is simply another way of doing things.”

-Katharine Graham


for as long as i can remember i’ve always had this idealistic mindset of who i should be. this perfect woman who is thin, elegant, well-spoken, who doesn’t make mistakes + has a clear, definitive plan for her life. clearly, this isn’t the way anyone should live, but we all do it don’t we? we all imagine how life would be different if we “looked like this” or “did this” … i suppose some of this idealistic thinking derives from culture + social pressure + i’m certain a lot of it comes from being a very shy child. however, as i’ve gotten older + have come more into accepting who i am that God created i’ve began to let these fears go. i’ve realized the beauty + perfection in life is the messy, ugly, imperfections that make us unique… hopefully i am better with a camera than i am with words! i never seem to be able to get out exactly what i am trying to say but the lovely ladies over at darling magazine thankfully are better at expressing themselves here + here!

happy weekend, friends!


all photographs © mondaymade 2013 


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