falling into autumn − guest post // volume 1



by brittany greenquist

− It is the chilliest day outside, the air is clear and the sky a brilliant blue. Fall is on it’s inevitable way.

I love seasons in general, but none can compare to the sweetness of fall — it’s clean, earthy smell and the crunch of leaves underfoot.

Fall, simply put, is whimsical —pregnant with possibilities.

There is something about fall that makes me feel nostalgic. Winter is a time for resolution, spring a time of new beginnings and the carefreeness of summer allows me to be oblivious, covered in freckled skin, unaware of indelible memories.

Then fall sneaks up behind me and there I am, reminiscing.

Perhaps it’s the nearness of holidays, or the reminder another year is coming to a close. But personally I believe it’s something about the chilly air that draws people together, to carve pumpkins or eat a hearty meal or snuggle in a woolen blanket.

Fall is the season of memories.

As we prepare for the fall season, as our clothes begin to layer and mittens become apart of our everyday, let us remember.

Let us remember that love is an action, a choice and a hope.

Let us remember that our worth is not found in what we do nor people’s thoughts, but in the heart of the Father.

Let us remember the goodness of family and friends is irreplaceable.

Let us remember that adventure is merely a term for really living.

Let us remember that a joyful heart comes from a grateful heart.

Let us remember that to be “free of things is to be full of God.”

We welcome you fall and all your sweet hope.


all photographs © mondaymade 2013


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