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we are best friends, business partners, madly in love, + completely inseparable . . . truthfully, we bring out the best in each other.

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lara coleman is a multi-meduim artist + calligrapher with a liking towards graphic design + good food. “at the age of 15 i was given my first slr from my dad + from there my world changed. after years of experimenting with different forms of art there was this natural progression into photography that felt like an extension of who i am. i could finally capture the images that were in my head.” unsure of her future in photography lara went on to study cinematography in college + even lived for a time in haiti working for non-profit only to have photography keep finding its way back into her life.

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jonathan brady is a people person with a kind soul who loves to kayak, hike, camp, sail… basically all things nature! after living in jordan + zambia teaching english, sharing the word, + playing with disabled children he just couldn’t seem to stay too far from lara. finally after five years of friendship he asked her out + as they say “the rest became history!” it wasn’t shortly after when lara handed the camera over to him + he too caught the photography bug.

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we know that whether it be your infamous wedding day, engagement celebration, the birth of your newest family member, or even just capturing that special love you share in the home you’ve built together it is more than just a day. it is a fleeting moment. a moment in which we hope to capture for you. living in a world that is fast pace + where children grow up too quickly it is easy to forget the details. we are here to help you remember the little things. we are passionate about getting to know our clients + sharing these unforgettable days with you. if you have any other questions you’d love to ask us please get in touch with us! we love meeting + making new friends!

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thank you for visiting our little corner of the internet. stay a while + enjoy!

all content © mondaymade: lara coleman + jonathan brady unless noted


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