macramé + greenery

macrame_hanging_planter-3  macrame_hanging_planter-2macrame_hanging_planter-5macrame_hanging_planter-4macrame_hanging_planter  macrame_hanging_planter-6

i guess you could say my little green friend collection has grown a bit out of control over this summer! but it has been so nice to fill my room with color + bring the loveliness of nature indoors.

the problem seems that as my plant friends multiply, my space appears to shrink. so in a burst of creativity, i grabbed a little macramé and went to work.

the result — these hanging beauties to liven my room from above.

now i have an excuse to continue growing that collection.



all photographs © mondaymade 2013


falling into autumn − guest post // volume 1



by brittany greenquist

− It is the chilliest day outside, the air is clear and the sky a brilliant blue. Fall is on it’s inevitable way.

I love seasons in general, but none can compare to the sweetness of fall — it’s clean, earthy smell and the crunch of leaves underfoot.

Fall, simply put, is whimsical —pregnant with possibilities.

There is something about fall that makes me feel nostalgic. Winter is a time for resolution, spring a time of new beginnings and the carefreeness of summer allows me to be oblivious, covered in freckled skin, unaware of indelible memories.

Then fall sneaks up behind me and there I am, reminiscing.

Perhaps it’s the nearness of holidays, or the reminder another year is coming to a close. But personally I believe it’s something about the chilly air that draws people together, to carve pumpkins or eat a hearty meal or snuggle in a woolen blanket.

Fall is the season of memories.

As we prepare for the fall season, as our clothes begin to layer and mittens become apart of our everyday, let us remember.

Let us remember that love is an action, a choice and a hope.

Let us remember that our worth is not found in what we do nor people’s thoughts, but in the heart of the Father.

Let us remember the goodness of family and friends is irreplaceable.

Let us remember that adventure is merely a term for really living.

Let us remember that a joyful heart comes from a grateful heart.

Let us remember that to be “free of things is to be full of God.”

We welcome you fall and all your sweet hope.


all photographs © mondaymade 2013

adventure // downtown louisville, ky

exploring_downtown_louisville exploring_downtown_louisville-4 exploring_downtown_louisville-3

hey guys it’s almost friday! are you as excited as i am? what are your plans for the weekend? not only are we excited about the weekend around here but we are also gearing up to celebrate jon’s birthday + my dad’s birthday! having their special days back to back always makes for a fun time… i mean who doesn’t like to party two days in a row, right?? just think about all that cake! while scrolling through my external hard drive i came across these fun photos from a few weeks back when we went on a little adventure walking about downtown. i spent most of my summers growing up in louisville but most of our time was spent by grandma’s pool + not downtown so this was a day of discovering. who knew there were so many fun + weird spots here! if you keep scrolling there might be a little surprise somewhere in the middle (let’s just say the letters g-i-f are involved;) ….




^^ i wanted this little moped so bad! ^^


exploring_downtown_louisville-52  exploring_downtown_louisville-5







clearly we had just a liiitttttle too much fun with the fountain!!

exploring_downtown_louisville-28  exploring_downtown_louisville-34


gen. george clark (of lewis + clark) + founder of louisville pointing us the way;)








he thinks he’s funny… good thing i think he’s funny too!



the belle of louisville is the oldest operating steamboat of it’s kind in the country + is turning 100 years old next year!




^^ the view over looking the ohio river onto the state of indiana! ^^

exploring_downtown_louisville-40  exploring_downtown_louisville-47






love all the urban art you find around the city!







all photographs © mondaymade 2013 

monday treats

the past few days have been pretty quiet around here hence the silence. we’ve mostly been outside enjoying this cool weather that’s been a beautiful indication that autumn is just around the corner + trying to fight off a cold/flu… this has been a season of lots of things on my mind but as of lately what has really been on my mind is fall time baking! if you don’t already know i am a pinner + here are just four delicious recipes i found on pinterest that i am eager to try out! hungry yet?

homemade_apple_cider_donuts          fig_tarts

zucchini_bread          Caramel-Tart

01  //  02  //  03  //  04


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home is where your little heart is…


“where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts”

oliver wendell holmes


or so that’s what my grandma always said + for the first time in my life i live in the same state as my grandma! all my family for that matter minus my two sisters + their small families but thankfully they’re not far. i still can’t believe it’s been almost a full year since jon + i made the trek to my old kentucky home… where does time go? there is something so comforting about saying we’ve finally made a home here! what does it really mean to make a home though? what does the word ‘home’ mean to you? transitions are strange but i suppose that’s what life is really. just a strand of events from one transition to another + i always seem to find myself in one. truthfully though, this way of living is kinda how i love to live. i love change + adventure! i’ve lived in twelve different homes over the past 26 years. all of which had nothing to do with cons just the fact that i like to mix things up! but i’m happy to express how much i love this town + really am looking forward to seeing what this next year here brings us!

thanks for the great year, louisville!
lara + jon

all photographs © mondaymade 2013